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Rod Skeet formed The Log Store Limited at the end of winter 2013

Our family has been heating our Suffolk home using firewood for many years. Over time we became frustrated by the fact that no matter which firewood supplier we approached, there seemed to be no reliable way of comparing the quality or quantity of logs available to buy.


Each order was a gamble.


The options varied, from loose loads of logs delivered in different sized bulk bags, to varying sized truck loads of loose logs. Always including the word "approximately" when inquiring about the quantity.


As if trying to work out quantity comparisons wasn't hard enough, finding out the quality and type of wood on offer was even harder!

The Log Store Ltd. was formed with a mission statement.

With the aim to source only the best quality kiln dried hardwood logs from reliable suppliers and to offer a supply service to home owners throughout East Anglia and the UK.


We supply our logs in measurable quantities using the term 'True Cubic Metre'. That is why our logs are delivered to our customers in hand stacked containers to ensure our customers receive the maximum possible quantity of logs within a true cubic metre.

And so our search began.

It started in the UK and has now extended across Europe and finally, after a great deal of effort, we have sourced a number of reliable suppliers who deliver to us consistently high quality kiln dried hardwood fuel logs.


When sourcing hardwood fuel logs throughout Europe, The Log Store Ltd has taken on the responsibility to only deal with suppliers who can provide current and up-to-date proof that all timber has been legally felled in sustainable managed forests. Our suppliers provide us with current felling licences and proof of certification for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management.

With our rapidly growing customer base, many Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London homes are now being heated with kiln dried hardwood logs supplied by The Log Store Ltd. We are proud of our honest approach trading as

a reliable Firewood Merchant.